Quotes from Our Clients

"The Pivot Point Field App has been an absolute game-changer for me! Prior to using the Field App, for every day spent in the field, I would spend a full day in the office prepping record cards and importing photos (this doesn't include time spent on sketches and valuation).  I no longer print record cards and haul them around with me. My photos import seamlessly to the correct record in BS&A so nothing gets lost.  One of my favorite features of the app is the ability to generate a work order in the field.  We almost always come across something we didn't plan for when we head out for a day in the field.  The mapping abilities are also something I rely heavily on.  It is very time consuming to map out your field work in a logical driving order from your desk.  The App sorts my cards in order and since it works so well, I rarely deviate from that order This App is everything it promises to be and more.  The import and export process is simple.  The hardware required is inexpensive and the improved efficiency and accuracy is worth every penny.  I will never go back to using paper and pencil for field work. The customer service and technical support from Pivot Point has been nothing less than exceptional.  The App is constantly updating to include useful features and address the needs of a wide variety of users.  Every issue I have had has been promptly addressed.  I have not lost any work time or data since I started using the App and if I'm honest, I fully expected there to be some issues."
Megan VanHoose
MAAO, Assessor, Gaines Township, Michigan​​
I love this program! It saves me so much time. I have so much more flexibility in putting work assignments together and I can always see the progress of each work assignment are and where we are in the study progression.
Sandy Birkenshaw - MAAO, MPPE
Real Property Manager Macomb County Equalization
We are thrilled with the software and service and using Pivot Point for all 8 of our townships. The time savings both in the field and processing fieldwork is outstanding. We highly recommend this for all assessors!
Colleen Maki
Eagle Assessment Services Inc Gladstone MI