Field App Mobile Solution

Assign, Track, and Manage Field Work


Pivot Point administrative sites allows managers, office workers, data entry, and field appraisers to group, assign, and track field work throughout the season

Combine CAMA, GIS, and Mobile Apps


By easily combining your CAMA and GIS data in new ways

Complete Field Appraisal Work


Routing, Photo Capture, Mapping, Sketching, and Property Characteristics  through our easy to use Field App

Primary Benefits of the pivot point solution


Reduce Time Spent

  • Organizing field work
  • Driving between parcels
  • Transferring images taken in the field
  • Entering attribute and sketch updates back to BS&A
  • Less paper management                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Increased Productivity

  • Designed to work offline first
  • Less time spent at each parcel
  • Ability to visualize the location of images on an interactive map
  • Streamlined workflow to get updated information incorporated back into BS&A to better support decision making
  • Tools to defend valuations and with a digital 'foot point' of your field work
  • Data easily available at your fingertips


The Field App Solution composes of a native mobile application, Field App, which can be installed from your platform’s store and the Field App Website which is used to manage users, work flows, datasets (including importing and exporting), reviewing collected data and reporting. 


Field App enables two types of workflows; work orders and ad-hoc. A work order is known ahead of time, outlining a parcel that needs to be visited and the reasons why. Ad-hoc is worked discovered out in the field and typically requires multiple trips between office and onsite. 

To support these workflows Field App provides basic information for all parcels (parcel number, address, owner, type, etc) for ad-hoc scenarios but for work orders a significant number of attributes and images become available to the user.

The data available in the app, like sketches, record cards, existing photos, notes, permits, sales, etc, depends on the CAMA provider, as we have varying levels of integrations and interfaces. Please contact sales for additional information concerning specific CAMA systems.

Native Mobile App

Once data is synchronized to your Windows/Android/iOS device Field App allows the users to review their current workorder list which can be filtered or sorted or leverage one of the search functions – by parcel ID, by Address, by the user’s location or by interactive map. When user location is selected the app uses GPS data from the device to find nearby parcels which are then presented as a list sorted by proximity with cardinal direction. If using an interactive map, the user has the ability to take advantage of a map centric workflow.


Once a parcel is selected, the user can review key attributes and easily access additional web-based information such as the jurisdictions assessment website through a single tap. The user can utilize dynamic turn by turn routing to the next closest parcel at the tap of a button. Once on-site, the user can easily take georeferenced pictures of the property, modify attributes or mark-up sketches, property record cards, maps and photos. Depending upon the configuration additional information may be requested from the user. Once these changes have been uploaded from Field App to the cloud the changes can be reviewed and exported for consumption in CAMA (method depends on CAMA- contact sales for more details).

*GIS, GPS, Mapping, and routing functionality require a tablet with GPS abilities, as well as configured GIS web mapping services , which we can help clients setup with necessary GIS licensing as part of the Field App setup.

Our clients have been very successful in leveraging our technology, imagine what it can do for you.